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What is Facebook Group ID?

Facebook Group ID is a string of numbers, which are auto-generated and assigned by Facebook, to a Facebook Group automatically. All Facebook Groups have a unique numeric ID, which are used as identifiers for the Facebook Group and its contents.

With the help of Facebook Group ID, you can easily enable Facebook data feed of any specific Facebook Group and deploy it on apps and websites alike.

Therefore, Facebook Group ID is an important identifier, which can be used to cite contents of a Facebook Group and integrate it in external websites such as WordPress or other apps that require Facebook data feed.

How does a Facebook Group ID look like?

A Facebook Group ID is a numeric ID, consisting of random digits in no particular order. Facebook Group IDs are positive numbers and are unique to every Facebook Group account.

How to find Facebook Group ID?

Facebook Group ID can be easily retrieved from a Facebook Group, by using Facebook Group ID tool, here at Through the Facebook Group ID tool, you can quickly search Facebook Group ID, by submitting the Facebook Group URL. Following is the step-by-step procedure;

  1. Go to and login into your Facebook Group account.
  2. Clicking / tap on ‘Home’ to open the Facebook Group’s home page.
  3. Copy the Facebook Group URL and submit it in our Facebook Group ID tool. The Facebook Group ID will be displayed immediately.

What is a Facebook Group URL like?

Facebook Group URL can be a little different from regular Facebook URL. Following are few examples of how Facebook Group URL can be like;


How to find Facebook Group URL link when using mobile phone?

You can find Facebook Group URL link, in the following ways*;

While using your mobile phone's browser -
  1. Open your mobile phone's browser and go to Facebook by typing
  2. Sign into your Facebook Group account. If you are already signed into your Facebook account, you may be taken to your Facebook Group home page directly.
  3. Tap on your Group name, displayed at the top of your Facebook Group page, to open home page. Once opened, go to the address bar of the browser and copy the URL of this page.

You now have the Facebook Group URL link, which you can now use in Facebook Group ID tool.

When using Facebook App -
  1. Open Facebook App in your mobile phone and sign into your Facebook account, if you haven’t signed in already.
  2. Once signed in, go to the dropdown menu, displayed as three bars, on the top-right corner of the Facebook page.
  3. Among the options in the dropdown menu, choose to view your Group Profile.
  4. In your Facebook Group home page, tap on the 'More' option right next to 'Activity Log' option and choose 'Copy Link to Profile' to copy your Facebook Group URL link.

You now have Facebook Group URL link, copied from Facebook App.

*Make sure that your Facebook Group’s privacy settings have been enabled to find Facebook Group ID. You can do it by selecting "Do you want search engines outside of Facebook to link to your profile?" to "YES" in Facebook's privacy settings.