How to Find Someone's Email ID on Facebook?

Facebook gives the option to display an email address to all its users who join Facebook. One can either opt to display the email address which has been used to sign-up the Facebook account or in case someone has created a new Facebook account by mentioning their mobile number in the account verification process, they have the option to add email address, which can be displayed on their profile page.

Similarly one also has the option to keep different email address in your profile page, for the purpose of making it as your contact email for friend, friends of friends or even publically for all Facebook users.

So if you are looking to find someone’s email address, the best way is to start by searching for email address under the About page of their profile.

Find anyone’s email address on Facebook in 3 steps-

You can go through the following steps to find someone’s email address on Facebook;

Step - 1

Log into your Facebook account and search for the person’s name in the search box.

Step - 2

Once you have found the person, go to their profile page and click on the “About”, located just below the Cover photo section.

Step - 3

Scroll to the Contact and Basic Info section and click it. Now scroll down to the email address. If the person you are looking for has provided his or her email address as visible, their email address will appear in this section.

You can select their email address from here and contact them accordingly.

Sometimes people email address that they can enlisted, may appear with extension. This is because of privacy settings provided by Facebook, which the person as opted for.

You can send message to this email address as well and it will be automatically forwarded to that person’s actual email address.

Some people may also provide alternate ways to contact them like via Twitter handle or Skype Id or their website details. These can also be used to contact the. Visiting websites, if provided also increase the possibility of contacting that person since most people provide their contact details on their websites.

How to find Email ID of your Facebook friends when their Email ID is not visible?

Since listing of an email address is not mandatory on Facebook, often you may come across your friend whose email id is not visible under their Contact and Basic Info section. Your best approach here can be to ask them directly for their email address. You can either send them personal message directly, for their email address. Or alternatively, you can “Ask for Email”.

Facebook provides with the option to do so through “Ask for (Friends’s) Email”. To use this feature, simply click on this option and you friend will get a message from Facebook, notifying your name and that you have asked for his or her email address. So although this option may not let you contact you friend directly, they can still be notified through message to share his or her email id with you.

Getting Email IDs of people who are not your friends on Facebook?

You can view anybody’s email address on Facebook, provided they have updated their email address in Facebook and have made it public in Contact and Basic Information section. This means you can contact them even if you are not friends with them on Facebook.

If incase you are trying to reach someone who has not updated his or her email id or have kept their email address hidden in their Contact and Basic Information section on About page of Facebook, you can send them request through a private message. Facebook provides this feature wherein you can write a message to the person, where you can ask about their email address. The only drawback in this approach is that the receipt of the message must first respond to you. Once response is received they can answer your request or accept you friend request after which you can easily get their email addrss.