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What is Facebook Video ID?

A Facebook Video ID is a numeric ID, consisting of random numbers. These random numbers have positive integer value and are generated automatically by Facebook. Once a new Video is uploaded on Facebook, a Video ID is assigned to that Video, to distinguish it from other such content on Facebook.

That is why, a Facebook Video ID is also used as an identifier for a particular Video.

Since all Facebook Video IDs are unique, they are often used to locate Facebook Videos on demand and are widely used in third-party apps and plugins, to stream such videos.

What does a Facebook Video ID look like?

A Facebook Video ID is like any other Facebook ID. It may often appear to be randomly arranged numbers, which is called as ID or Video ID in this case.

Examples of random numbers such as 141531 or 131331321 can aptly represent a Facebook Video ID.

How to find the Facebook Video ID?

You can find Facebook Video ID, by going through the following steps;

  1. Open Facebook and login into your Facebook account.
  2. Select the Video, whose Video ID you want to find.
  3. Once the Video is shortlisted, double clicking on the video, to open it in new page.
  4. Copy the Facebook URL of the Facebook Video, by navigating to the address bar of you browser.
  5. Go to Facebook Video ID tool at and submit the copied Facebook URL, to find the Facebook Video ID.

What is a Facebook Video URL like?

Following examples suggest how a Facebook Video URL can be like;


How to find Facebook Video URL link when using mobile phone?

To find a Facebook Video URL link, follow the below steps;

  1. Open Facebook and login into your Facebook account.
  2. Find the Facebook Video, whose ID you want to find by scrolling / searching the video.
  3. Once the Facebook Video is selected, double click on it, to open the video in full screen mode, in another page.
  4. When the Facebook Video is opened in full screen mode, go to the address bar of the browser and copy the Facebook URL.

You now have the Facebook Video URL copied and ready for further use.