How to Use Two Facebook Accounts on One Mobile Phone

Majority of users on Facebook have a single Facebook account, which they use for connecting with their friends and family members and be a part of the great social exchange between.

The same is also suggested by Facebook, through their community standards, that Facebook users should have one Facebook account i.e., one account per person, since they want people to use Facebook with their authentic identities. 

But what if you want to use two Facebook accounts? It could be for any reason like you may want to keep your personal and professional life separate. So you have two accounts, one for personal friends and second for office colleagues etc.

The reason could be any, but the important take away is can you have two facebook accounts?

If you want to know more about making a second Facebook account, the below post is just for you!

How to Make a Second Facebook Account?

However, if you already have two Facebook accounts and you are looking for ways to use both these accounts on your mobile phone, you can do the following;

Option – 1

Use the ‘Switch Account’ feature on your Facebook App.

Facebook provides a wonderful feature, wherein you can use two or more Facebook accounts, by switching between them, depending upon your requirements.

By default this feature is not enabled. To enable ‘Switch Account’ feature on your Facebook App, you need to first install the Facebook App and login with your first account.

After login, go to the menu bar and logout of this account. You would be redirected to the login page of the App again, from where you can tap on ‘Log Into Another Account’ option to login with your second account. Once you are successfully logged in, you can switch between these two accounts from the menu bar.

You can read this article How to Switch between Two or More Facebook Accounts? for further information on switching between Facebook accounts.

Although switching between two or more Facebook accounts through the process mentioned above, is a neat way for using two Facebook accounts.

However, there could be reasons that you may find it confusing as to which account is currently in use. You may always have to check the account, before posting anything else the posts from the wrong account will only create more confusion and mess due to cross postings.

There is another easy way to get out of this situation, in form of ‘Option – 2’, as described below.

Option – 2

Use both Facebook Apps.

 The solution, though very primeval, is to use both Facebook Apps on your mobile phone.

Facebook actually offers two variants of its App – First being ‘Facebook App’ which the regular version of its App, and second being ‘Facebook Lite’ which is the same Facebook App, but is chiseled out of the extra features, making is compact and much lighter variant to use.

The experience of using two variants of Facebook App for different Facebook accounts is not as seamless as the first option (Option – 1). But what it does best is to avoid the confusion created from using a single app for multiple Facebooks accounts.

The fact that many people may find it annoying to enter their password again and again, while switching between their accounts, using both Facebook Apps as the preferred method of use makes more sense to them.

How it works?

  • Go to Play Store and download the Facebook App (the regular version!).
  • Once download is completed, install the App in the default path your mobile suggests, by agreeing to installation process.
  • Upon successful installation, open the App and enter your login details. It is suggested that you use your primary Facebook account details to login in this App.
  • Go to Play Store again and search for Facebook Lite, to download the Facebook Lite App.
  • Once downloaded, tap on it for installation.
  • You should check if the installation is taking place in a new folder or not. Although your mobile phone will pick a different path to install the App automatically, you too can also choose a new path for installation, as per your preference.
  • Upon successful installation, open the Lite App and enter your login details.

Now both variants of the Facebook Apps are running on your mobile. You just have to remember which App is linked to which Facebook account and you are good to go.

Remember - The experience of using both variants of the two apps is quite different. Facebook App is a full App, having host of features, like the Facebook website. Since it is the regular version, it will also take more bandwidth, storage space etc. on your mobile phone

Facebook Lite on the other hand, is less data-consuming variant and therefore doesn't offer as rich an experience as the regular Facebook App. But then, Facebook Lite is also lighter in comparison, is faster to load, eats away less data, works better on mobile phones with slower internet connection or storage space issues and can also do much of the job, of the regular Facebook App, more or less!